Soundproofing enclosure and cabins

Often inside industrial premises machines generate noise over the limits imposed by laws, causing serious damage to the health of personnel involved. Stopnoise Engineering designs, manufactures and installs soundproofing enclosures suitable for any service and of all sizes up to soundproofing buildings that can contain inside complete room machines able to attenuate noise from 10 to 50 dB(A). Stopnoise Engineering beside the acoustic and fluid dynamic design can make any structural design according to national and international norms and also lighting calculations.

Enclosures for energy generating plants
• Gas turbine
• Steam turbine
• Generators
• Compressors
• Gen sets
• Pumps
• Fans
• Electric boards
Enclosures for the industry
• Mechanical and metallurgical
• Chemistry and petrochemistry
• Automotive
• Paper industry, food, etc.
• Cabins for personal and control

Upon request the enclosures can be supplied with auxiliary plants, for safety areas or also for areas classified dangerous complying to ATEX rules, as per:
• Electrical and lighting plants
• Fire-fighting plant
• Ventilation plant
• Air conditioning plant
Upon request the enclosures can be supplied with components according to EN 13501 norms.

Stopnoise Engineering designs and manufactures also soundproofing cabins for personnel that work on noisy areas and cabins for insiders that are responsible of working processes in areas with high noise levels. We can arrive with acoustic insulations of 15 to 40 dB(A) respect the outside of cabin. The enclosures can be manufactured singleblock type or to be mounted on site depending of the dimensions of enclosure and area / spaces available.

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