Silencers for atmospheric discharge of gases

Silencers for atmospheric discharge are designed for the reduction of noise generated typically by the discharge in the atmosphere of pressurized gases, as steam, air and gases as nitrogen and oxygen.

The operation is based on the principle of progressive and controlled expansion of the fluid and on the acoustic absorbing principle that allows to guarantee sound attenuation levels till 75 dB(A).

Silencers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance to ASME / ASTM , UNI EN, 97/23/CE (PED) norms and when requested also in accordance to other norms and / or specifications applicable to sectors and plants as:


  • Process plants for gasses, fluids, air and steam
  • Combustion boilers
  • Recovery boilers (HRSG)
  • Gas and petrochemical industries
  • GNL gasification plant
  • Thermal and nuclear plants
  • Combined cycle plants (CCP)