Gas Turbine Intake Silencers and Exhaust Silencers

Silencers for Turbine exhaust and intake are products that require particular attention and adequate preparation both in design step that in manufacturing step. Stopnoise is able to perform the design complying with the parameters given by the turbine manufacturer and also in compliance to any technical specification.

The turbine intake system is a very important process that guarantees the good working of the machine. Stopnoise Engineering besides supplying the instruments to reduce noise emission, designs and supplies the air filtering system using batteries of filters carefully selected and installed inside filter rooms, manufactured using all necessary measures for safety and reliability, in manner to preserve the turbine.

Stopnoise Engineering also manufactures, turbine exhaust silencers, ducts and complete chimney systems, ensuring an acoustical and mechanical efficiency of its products according to the technical specifications of the turbine manufacturers. Particular attention is given to the selection of materials used and to the manufacturing process through severe controls on even small details carried-out by Stopnoise Engineering Inspectors.