Noise Abatements to reduce the phenomena of reverberation

Environmental treatments

In certain industrial environments where many noise sources contribute to overall noise levels, as for example in bottling departments, weaving departments, etc., single, localised solutions cannot be deployed.

Stopnoise Engineering designs and manufactures panel systems “baffles” suspended from the ceiling for noise abatements and to reduce the phenomena of reverberation.

As well as making the environment more comfortable overall, these systems, either alone or in conjunction with sound-absorbing claddings and screens, reduce average noise levels by 3 to 8 dB(A), depending in part on the reverberation coefficient of the environment in question.

Our treatments can be complemented with:

  • Soundproof doors and windows
  • Soundproof linings and claddings
  • Soundproof screens and walls
  • Soundproof ventilation